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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making Christmas Memories

Things I remember from Christmases past are decorations and smells and excitement of family get-togethers. It doesn't take too much to put together some reds and greens and colors and textures of nature and make memories for your family. This first picture was not my design, obviously a little more professional, but makes me think of celebrations and family times.

I remember my grandmothers cooking sugar cookies and the Willow House Hyacinth Mixing Bowl, Ramekins and Measuring Cups remind me of their old fashioned kitchens! Whether it is a Christmas meal, a Sunday dinner, or just a time of baking with the grandchildren, these make me almost smell the cookies!

Gail Pittman's Alfresco collection makes me smile when I put a pie or banana bread in the oven!

Can't have Christmas with red dishes! Willow House Cinnabar collection is perfect for the holidays. Layer that hurricane with peppermints and kisses and you have a fascinating treat for the little ones! When my grandchildren ask if they can get one, the answer is always "yes" because it is easy to replenish!
Holidays are for making memories for the little ones and remembering those in the past for the older ones. This first Christmas without my mom causes me to reminisce. She baked and decorated and wrapped presents for me even though decorating and wrapping were not "her thing". Many were the surprises and treats she planned for me. I remember one Christmas getting a ViewMaster and she wrapped it up and told me whatever I did not to turn the package upside down. I turned it around, held it up and looked under it, and wondered and wondered about it! Of course, it mattered not whether I turned it upside down or not, but that was part of the mystery! My dad and I cut down trees and decorated them. Mother baked and baked and filled my stockings with candy and apples. I also remember one Christmas I was so proud of ordering her some perfume from the Sears catalog and hiding it until Christmas morning. It came in a beautiful blue bottle (and I hope she never put it on to wear out anywhere!)
I hope my girls and grandchildren remember little extras from Granny's house -special dishes, special foods and always breakfast on Christmas Eve!

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