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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This Old House..remodeling in Alma, AR

This is the old bathroom

I have always wanted to "re-do" an old house and finally realized I had one! My mom's house in Alma, AR was the original Warnock house built around 1938. The old green tile and you-cannot-ever-get-clean bathtub were REALLY outdated!

Below is the completed front bathroom, thanks to Bob's Repair and Design and Willow House, it has a wonderful update and a shower instead of a bathtub, beadboard replaced the green tile and new tile on the floor replaced the old white linoleum. New commode and sink I found at a great price at Yeager's in Van Buren and a walk-in shower from Lowe's replaced the old tub. Willow House Hathaway towel bars, soap holder, tissue holder and a Chancellor mirror really made it outstanding!

And this is the new!!

New shower Shelves (Hobby Lobby) Willow House Estate shelf

I still have to get curtains, but so thrilled with the completed project!