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Willow House
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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Creating Cake Tower

Challenge: I love the versatility of the Willow House French Wire Tiered Stand and wanted to copy the presentation in the current catalog with cakes on each tier. Regular sized tube baking pans are fine for the bottom two tiers, but I couldn't find a pan locally for the small top tier. What to do? I have a small cake pan and thought I would just use that, but it would be a flat topped cake and that was not quite what I had in mind.

Solution: My little red saucepan has the rounded bottom that I needed and was a perfect size for the Willow House Lemon Blueberry Bread mix!

Then I added a lemon glaze! Poked a hole in the top!

Perfect Top Layer!

Ready for Sandy and Ellen's Willow House party!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sangria Faceoff Party

For my Sangria "Faceoff" party I used the fresh fruits added to the sangria as my table decorations. Fruit and wine, crackers, bread, cheese, with hot spinach and chicken dip--all the food groups--such a nutritional feast!!

The new Willow House Stiletto Pedestals are great with the Hawthorne Hurricane and Triffle to add height to arrangements. The sparkling glass gives it a dressy look yet blends with any color. Red and White Sangria from the A la Carte Willow House mixes were a hit in the Savannah Beverage Servers and the Ruffled Glass Pitcher. (The White got the most votes for best flavor of the evening!!) I found the left-over non-alcoholic sangria a perfect breakfast drink!

I love the rectangular Nautilus vase as a container for the forks and a small one for nuts to tie in with the clear glass in the centerpiece.
The little snowman in the photo below holds a sign"Equal Rights for Snow Women!

Which Sangria do you like best??

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is it Spring yet?

Is anyone as anxious as I am for spring to get here? Nice to have seasons, but I like my winters short and really looking forward to spring! I like to get a new start with the new year, but in spring when things outside are coming to life and I can plant and pick some flowers is the best!