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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring parties are so much fun because you can decorate with fresh flowers and it is beautiful without spending a lot of money or time! My latest party I didn't even make any food--just one trip to Wal-mart and it was done (okay I did peel the kiwi and wash the grapes and strawberries!)

My berry and bow door bucket has become a spring bucket with my grandmother's crocheted doily and some forsythia.

Who knew Oreos came with spring-colored middles??

A few mini-cupcakes and sprinkles on cookes and mini-honeybuns because I like them were the "something sweet".

I found Salsa Ranch dip already made and voila! Something salty!

I just love when Peeps are available in the store and there they are "peeping"in my Willow House Galveston Hurricane!

So glad I planted these last fall!

The Hawthorne hurricanes that held my layered red and white candies at Christmas are now full of spring flowers! What are you doing to bring the season in at your house?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Top o' the Morning' to Ya!

Had to gather up a few of the Willow House Verde collection dishes and "go green", plus it was a good excuse to have green M&M's and a few chocolate "gold pieces"!

I am offering 10% off anything green with Willow House orders this month (if you read this and ask me!
This little table shows the Verde Berry Bowl (a great little colander that you can use for washing fruit and setting on your counter to prevent spoilage); the large platter and bowl are parts of the Verde Serving Set and then there's the Accent Bowls for M&M's and other candies. (I had to steal them for a bit because my husband thinks they are the perfect size for his morning cereal)

Here are a few of our emerald green pieces that come in several shapes and sizes:

Little closer picture of the Berry Bowl with it's gold pieces and the "cereal-sized" Accent Bowls.

And our Eyelet Ribbon Plate sporting it's St. Patrick's Day colors as well....

This little number you will just have to turn your head because no matter how many times I rotate it, it comes out like this on the blog!! It's a great little Filligree Candlestand that you can dress so many different ways, depending on the holiday and your mood! So, just turn your head a little and pretend it's not the candlestand that is sideways!

Our bowl with the Verde Serving Set is really quite large for serving dip for a crowd or even your vegetable side dish.

So, if there's a little Irish in ya! or you just want to "go green", I'd love to help you out with some of these pieces from Willow House at http://mabel.willowhouse.com

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dannetta's Willow House Bridal Shower

My neice Dannetta's getting married! March 26 is the date she and Dave will officially "tie the knot"! So many details to get ready and her hunter green and ivory wedding is going to be beautiful with a reception on the Woolsey farm among the daffodils. I have (hopefully) attached a link to pictures from her Willow House bridal shower. These are so fun! She registered with me on my Willow House webwite http://mabel.willowhouse.com and we had pictures of her selected products at the shower for everyone to order. No need to make that trip to the mall or do any wrapping--just shop at the shower and it all comes to Dannetta! She was thrilled to get the Botanica Tiered Planter FREE as hostesss for the party, too!
She loves natures' greens and chose several Verde serving pieces which we used at her shower. Here are a few pictures from her shower table:

And here is the Botanica Tiered Planter she will be able to use soon!