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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dannetta's Willow House Bridal Shower

My neice Dannetta's getting married! March 26 is the date she and Dave will officially "tie the knot"! So many details to get ready and her hunter green and ivory wedding is going to be beautiful with a reception on the Woolsey farm among the daffodils. I have (hopefully) attached a link to pictures from her Willow House bridal shower. These are so fun! She registered with me on my Willow House webwite http://mabel.willowhouse.com and we had pictures of her selected products at the shower for everyone to order. No need to make that trip to the mall or do any wrapping--just shop at the shower and it all comes to Dannetta! She was thrilled to get the Botanica Tiered Planter FREE as hostesss for the party, too!
She loves natures' greens and chose several Verde serving pieces which we used at her shower. Here are a few pictures from her shower table:

And here is the Botanica Tiered Planter she will be able to use soon!

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