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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Spring parties are so much fun because you can decorate with fresh flowers and it is beautiful without spending a lot of money or time! My latest party I didn't even make any food--just one trip to Wal-mart and it was done (okay I did peel the kiwi and wash the grapes and strawberries!)

My berry and bow door bucket has become a spring bucket with my grandmother's crocheted doily and some forsythia.

Who knew Oreos came with spring-colored middles??

A few mini-cupcakes and sprinkles on cookes and mini-honeybuns because I like them were the "something sweet".

I found Salsa Ranch dip already made and voila! Something salty!

I just love when Peeps are available in the store and there they are "peeping"in my Willow House Galveston Hurricane!

So glad I planted these last fall!

The Hawthorne hurricanes that held my layered red and white candies at Christmas are now full of spring flowers! What are you doing to bring the season in at your house?

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  1. Wonderful ideas and presented just beautifully! I was just thinking today about my daughter's upcoming graduation party and what I would serve..You have given me some great ideas! You're quite the designer and entertainer! Denise