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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas poem for 2010

Another of my traditions is to put to rhyme a summary of my past year, here is this year's rendition:

2010 is almost done
A year of ups and downs, it was one.
It is hard to describe, it went so fast
Kinda glad some of it is now “past”.
All our grandchildren are growing
From Madison to Heather, this we are knowing.
So proud are we of those two-- and all in between--
Preschool to college and now some in the teens.
Bruce and I seem to be growing, too
So diet and exercise in our resolutions are due!
This year brought Bruce retirement
He and Bill sold the gas company and home they went.
“They’re catching up” their mom wisely said,
There’s plenty to do at home instead.
Bruce has plans for an office, shop and shed
And cows still need hay and D.D. (Da Dog) needs a bed.
I have “partied” and had fun with design
The Atlantis was fun--with Willow House friends—a good time!
Willow House (the new name for Southern Living at HOME)
From Milwaukee convention I went right along.
During each week it’s Bible Study Fellowship and BBR
And look forward to monthly Bunco and to traveling far.
Robin, Dale, Dusty and Heather
Are at God’s Ranch Road, whatever the weather.
Robin helped her friend with a wedding plan
And drives her jeep whenever she can.
She takes lots of pictures and shares on facebook,
And now for Dusty UP she must look!
Dale’s starting to move the dirt
(For the shop Bruce is building so he can work.)
Still hunting and shooting and Dusty does too,
They both are winners when there’s competing to do.
Dusty played football in the fall,
And, my goodness, he’s getting so tall!
Still likes school about the same,
But lots of girls are calling his name!
Heather’s in college with Art to learn
At Walton Art Center she’s an intern.
She made us some mugs and is doing great,
In ceramics lab she stays up late!
Shari, Mike, Coleman, Hannah, Luke and Mitchell--
Wow, that’s quite enough the van to fill!
Shari still scrapbooks, the memories recording
Staying home with the kids she finds rewarding.
She drives that van to school and to lessons
Lots of birthday parties and PTA sessions.
Mike changed jobs and now works from home
But it’s still “from” a lot, the airports to roam.
Camping and hunting he and the boys go,
Honing survival skills, don’t you know.
Coleman did cross country and is quite a runner
We were happy he spent a week with us last summer.
He and Dusty helped paint the fence a lot,
Well, some of it, till it got hot.
“Hannah Banana” came and visited, too
With the girls we can always find something to do
She still does gymnastics with stretches and bends,
She helps in the kitchen and giggles with friends.
Luke has so many things he can do
He likes scouts and playing and does well in school.
He also took gymnastics and shot the gun.
Video games are his biggest fun.
Mitchell at three is happy-go-lucky
Whatever sister and brothers do is just ducky!
He had long curls till around Thanksgiving time
Now his grownup haircut suits him just fine.
Jennifer, Josh, Jake and Madison
Still living in Springdale where they’re having fun
Jen still works for Sara Lee, and travels some
Really looks forward for week-ends to come.
She keeps everything organized –big to little bitty
And they all went with us to Panama City.
(Well that was a stretch, but it’s got to rhyme,
Or else all this is a waste of my time!)
Josh hunts on our land- with black powder got a doe
Then an eight-point buck with a compound bow.
He’s works in the city of Bentonville
Is deacon at church, then out on the boat and fishes still.
Jake started pre-school this year
Traumatic at first, but now it is clear
He likes his school and believes he will stay.
Plans out what he does and what he will say.
Madison is quite the young lady at two
Likes her babies and playing with brother, too.
I call her Madi, but not around her mother,
And try to remember not to give her peanut butter!
(That’s another story, sufficient to say,
That is something I learned the hard way.)
Well, as this year ends, there is something sad
I lost my mom last month, she’s now with my dad.
She was 96, such a long and good life, and now it seems,
She has “wrapped the drapery of her couch around her
and laid down to pleasant dreams”
Her favorite Thanatopsis from literature teaching
Became her eulogy and her legacy far-reaching.
Bruce’s mom’s still making those rolls
And with her friends she plays dominos.
She goes with me to Republican outings
And loves the great-grandkids with all of their shoutings!
If our family doesn’t stop growing,
I’m going to have to cut the rhymes, I’m knowing.
Well, since it only comes once a year,
I guess the pages won’t matter to friends we hold dear.
As the world turns and changes it brings
I look to the heavens and my heart sings.
Good cheer to you and may you, too, look to Heaven
As we all go forth with 2011.

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