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Willow House
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Old House Remodeling, Back Bath

My remodeling project is coming along, however slowly!! Here is the original back bathroom with the "lovely" pink and blue wallpaper and tile and floor with evidence of the drain problem!

Here is what the floor looked like after removing the linoleum,(see where it had been patched once before) then boards we had to remove--and then the new tile in the process!

Here's some wallpaper removal:

Then, I had to get the drain problem fixed, and, guess what? It was not just under the sink, but running over to where the drain met the commode drain, so tile had to be removed of course! And, of course, there is no tile to match, so we got another blue and my daughter,Robin, is the family tile guru! Here is her tilework:

Although these pictures a little dark, I think you can see the new sink and commode--I'll work on better pictures and let you see

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