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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Plates to design with your own colors!

If you live near me, I'd love to come to your home or office with a Willow House party in October! If you do not, then I'd love to help you with a catalog party!

Either way, when you do a party this month, IN ADDITION to the wonderful incentives offered by the company, I will give you your choice of an round Eyelet Ribbon Plate or a square Dress-Me-Up Glass Platter when you have a $250 or higher party! These are perfect for adding your team colors for a football themed party or adding ribbon or raffia for any color scheme you are using! Ribbon can be woven in and around the edges or simply tied on the corners.

Check my website http://mabel.willowhouse.com/ for company specials under Our Products.

The pictures above are some ways that Willow House showed these plates at our convention last summer and one I used at a baby shower. I'd love to sell you a whole wall-full like the picture with the colored paper behind them, or a couple to stack with other pieces like the other pictures, but I would also love to give you just one if you'd have your friends over for a girl's night out and let me show them the opportunites of Willow House!!

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