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Willow House
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Fall, Ya'll

Fall is my favorite time of year!(Well, after Spring)(and maybe Summer!)

OK, guys, haven't had blogging time lately, or just haven't taken time! Anyway, here's few things I've been doing...First pic is recent booth at Sallisaw, OK for Women's Expo

Our Wire Basket trio has been very popular!

This one is at my house -I really like bringing the seasons in with hurricanes!

Can you see the little frog in my Drake Lantern? he was trying to be invisible!

Another at my house

And another, got to get some color up there soon!

OH, YES! Fall is THE time to do a Willow House party! Who wants to be next??? Get your wish list filled free while your friends get to take advantage of our sales and specials!!

This is at my booth, but I usually have it hanging on an inside door at my house with seasonal "permanent" flowers!

This new lantern is SO versatile!! Another booth pic...Wouldn't you like another PAYDAY every month?

I have garden statues for each of my 8 grandchildren, no, the snail is not one of them!

Yes, real leaves, looking for more..just a little clear shelf paper!

Recent party at my house!

My grandkids love this~
Till next time.........

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